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The transmitter and receiver modules are both being designed by the PH/ESS group, following the AB/RF specification. These modules will have to deal with various frequencies (10MHz, 40MHz and 400MHz), as well as with 5ns square pulses with one turn period (89us).

The receiver module will ensure the reception of optical signals from the RF Transmitters installed either in SR4 or in the CCC.

Two systems have been studied in parallel. The first one was a fully analog system, very stable and able to transmit all the signal types, from DC to 2GHz, but quite expensive (~10 kCHF per module of 2 Rx). The second one is a digital version of the same system, based on SDH/SONET transmitters and 2 types of receivers, allowing the transmission of short pulses as well as 400MHz square clocks, and cheaper (~2-3 kCHF per module of 3 Rx).

Analogue VersionDigital Version



Now that the prototypes have been tested, the production, maintenance and support of these modules are in charge of the AB/RF/FB section. Here is their commitment, sent in December 2006.

"The prototype v1 RF_Rx_D and RF_Tx_D have been tested in November with the LHC signals: 5 ns,1 Vpk pulses (Orbit), 40 MHz square and sine wave (Bunch Clock) and 400 MHz (RF). The results are fully satisfactory. See report by S. Baron.
As the designer in the PH department is leaving, AB/RF/FB takes responsibility for the future of these modules:
We will launch a version 2 in January 2007. This version 2 has only minor differences with version 1.
In parallel we will start ordering key components such as the optical TX and RX.
By April 2007 we launch series production for installation in summer 2007.
The transmission can then be commissioned in Sept 2007. (If this schedule is not satisfactory it can be discussed).
PH department should take care of the order and installation of the modules used by the experiments except at the sending end SR4 and in the RF racks in CCR. The modules used by the experiments will be paid by them, including spares stored locally.
During LHC operation AB/RF/FB will be responsible for maintenance and piquet service on these transmissions. The modules are equipped with diagnostics and PH will make these diagnostics "readable" by AB/OP and AB/RF. (As the OS in the VME CPU is different in AB and PH, some "driver" must be developed by PH. To be discussed).
The modules (eda-01380 and eda-01382) are fully documented in edms so that for future orders the user will contact TS/DEM directly."


The RF transmission links will be used by various types of customers:

For what concerns the TTC, the transmitters will be installed in the SR4 and the receivers in each experiment.



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